Julie Unger

Ten little letters. Arranged differently, those 10 letters would represent someone or something else, but in this particular arrangement, they represent someone who fits into a particular niche.

I tend to think differently than other people. I am one of only 10 percent of the population who is left-hand dominant.

In a righty world, I stick out like the sore thumb. I don’t hold a pen correctly, but put a keyboard in front of me and all you will hear is the pitter-pat of keystrokes.

My education and life experiences are unique. I’ve lived in the Northeastern United States as well as in Florida. I spent a semester abroad living in England and Ireland.

Museums fascinate me. As a child, anything scientific would capture my attention and mystify me. Logic games? Science experiments? Always. My curiosity could never be satisfied, and I dread the possibility that it ever will be.

You can learn so much about the world around you if you step back and observe. I hope that I can ignite your curiosity. If you would like to learn more, please contact me.