Julie says:

Welcome to the Wiggly Piggly, a quick-start guide to taking care of a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are small rodents that typically weigh 2-to-4 pounds and live anywhere from 4-to-7 years.

They are affectionate social creatures that often do better in pairs.

This page is not a substitute for veterinary advice or care, but will help introduce you to guinea pigs and how to care for one.

Cinnamon the guinea pig

Cinnamon says:

Hi! My name is Cinnamon, and I am a 6-year-old guinea pig.

I am nocturnal, like all guinea pigs, and we are vegetarians.

My favorite foods are watermelon and apple, but I do enjoy green pepper and carrots.

One of my hobbies as I've gotten older and semi-arthritic, is sleeping, but I still enjoy running around my habitat and playing games.

On this website, I'm going to help you understand the world of guinea pigs.

Useful resources:

In this section, you can find helpful links to learning about guinea pigs and specific issues.

The Guinea Pig's Daily Digest is a newsletter that you can sign up for in order to learn about guinea pigs on an ongoing daily basis.

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